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Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Balloon Instructions & Tutorial

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 Important Tips:

  • For customers using HELIUM: For successful floatation, this balloon MUST be filled to a minimum of 2.5 ft in diameter. The circumference of the balloon should measure at least 7.5 feet.
  • If you have inflated to a 7.5 ft circumference and it still does not float, it is due to helium quality. Please remove tassels one at a time until balloon floats successfully. We do no reimburse for non floating balloons.

  • Note: we do not reimburse for user error


    Please Note:

    • This balloon is DOUBLE STUFFED in order to conceal confetti color and reduce the risk of popping. Please inflate balloons together with one inside the other.
    • If you do not need your balloon to float, you can fill with air.

    Each Gender Reveal Balloon kit includes:

    • 1 (Double Stuffed) Jumbo Balloon
    • 2 Tassel Tail Kits
    • 1 Section of a Long (260) Balloon (for tying your balloon closed)
    • 1 Smaller 12" balloon to be
    • filled with 1/2 c water, sand, or rocks and used as a balloon weight
    • Two Confetti packets (unless you requested one color)
    • Popping pin
    • Ribbon to measure

    If you added a BALLOON STAND, your kit will also include:

    • Balloon stand kit: base, adapter, pole, balloon holder, and 4 white 12" balloons (to use as weights)

    Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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